BOOK LAUNCH EVENT: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Brattle Theater, 40 Brattle Street, Harvard Square (Cambridge).

$10 for each separate program (7 pm and 9:30 pm) or $15 for the entire evening


The official launch of Brian Coleman’s visual history of late 20th Century Boston will be a MULTI-MEDIA EVENT, with hours of rarely seen Boston-centric videos, a slideshow and a panel discussion

To celebrate the release of his new book, Buy Me, Boston, Revere-based author Brian Coleman has a truly unique night planned for November 11 (Veteran’s Day Weekend). The event itself will cover a lot of historical ground and will be a perfect way to celebrate the book, which is a stream-of-consciousness visual tour through late 20th Century Boston ( and

Current confirmed details:

RARELY- OR NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN VIDEOS covering a variety of Boston artists and happenings, including:

Visuals from the Kiss 108 Archives (via the David Bieber Archives), including the station’s 5th Anniversary party / concert, at the Metro club in 1984

Punk and new wave concert footage (Human Sexual Response, Mission of Burma)

A 1985 Rock Against Racism documentary focusing on local hip-hop artists

1980s footage of Prince Charles & The City Beat Band and other Tony Rose-managed artists

A SLIDESHOW with images chosen from the book’s nearly 400 pieces of Boston visual history

8:30 PM PANEL DISCUSSION, moderated by Brian Coleman, featuring:

David Bieber (WBCN, Boston Phoenix / WFNX, The David Bieber Archives)

Prince Charles Alexander (Berklee College of Music, musician, producer, engineer)

Blowfish from the Boston Groupie News

Dart Adams (Dart Against Humanity podcast, acclaimed local journalist & historian)

60-plus minute video programs will be different for each showing (7 pm and 9:30 pm).


For more information on Brian Coleman and Buy Me, Boston visit:

Audio Mixes by Brian Coleman inspired by Buy Me, Boston: